They call her absurdity

They call her absurdity she sleeps in the litter and wraps her baby in the warmth of her breast like the only sanity she's left it's giggles and sky-colours roof above her is all her euphoria  @roy_evans(LostPoet)


My pen writes emptiness

Loneliness is the name of my shelter my lips whispers silence and my pen writes emptiness for sin has earned my soul and love stolen my kiss I'm wealthy in owning my past and my pocket swell-burst with regrets with every sunrise, emptiness owns my stares and I see the paths I haven't followed Only [...]

Love 1; Abandoned

She was like a belfry in distant land a dwelling for the outcasts her bells rung by strangers and heard by no one @roy_evans

She’s watching over you

In the depth of the night the moon tells me about the sun I tell the moon about her The moon says the sun is gone but it's gonna rise again, So it asks me about her I say, "She's gone too but it's different" "How different?" I say, "she's never coming back" The moon [...]

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