Finally I got my special exams📝📝 scheduled to begin in two months time 😔Not one or two papers but a total of 13 technical papers 😩 My mind's entirely frenzy 😨😨and I guess I need enough rest before I embark on reading📚📚 Over with fun and part-time jobs for awhile!! But not with writing though....… Continue reading Finally!!


Prose: She is the girl

she is the girl, whose dark slick skin is the palette of my thoughts, she is the girl, the beauty of her eyes held and suffocates my words, she is the girl, the vibrance of her countenance held my gaze, she is the girl, who like stardust that escapes my spacely dreams, I finds on… Continue reading Prose: She is the girl


If only I knew the right time I would love you the right way deep neath your flaws and brokenness If only I knew the right time right away, I would kiss tears and sorrow away your pert and sere lips If only I knew the right time I would clasp tightly soft your fragility… Continue reading If

If you must go

If you must go, Let it not be in shame, But happiness If you must go Let it not be so sudden but gentle, Like strong wind of a breezy notice, But not too short for that, too, might break a heart, If you must go Let it not be when we are fed up… Continue reading If you must go

Silvery wet

night sky drizzles for fear the moon malingers, behind scintilla of dark cloudlets and with caution of borrowed lights It gleams silvery wet -RoyEvans

Drown me

With dark rings of your eyes pull me deep into the shadows that cloak your dark edges and let me kiss once your lips shade of black deep drown me into precarious waters of your lips and lead me astray into darkness of your charm as bodies molds in ember nights and skins merge like… Continue reading Drown me