Love #7; She


She is a perfect last ditch on a naked art by a drowsy artist
crafty in manner, beautiful in a way
but she’s novel



Love 7; She is music


She is music
Her beauty is the melody
Her smile is the prelude to this piece
Pliancy of her body is mirrored by the crescendos of my heart just before I slip and fall,
Glitters of her hazel eyes is the reprise of a love poem, written in a thirsty rain
She is the type of art I adore
Just like a solo verse I would like to recite
Till I loose my voice

She is the girl
She is my pride


Love #6; She isn’t gone

In bleak of the night,
her tears scars the sea,
and when the moon lumber briskly into hiding neath the clouds,
In silence
she isn’t gone and I won’t go


Love #5; Buoyance

In vesture of the night
the universe of your eyes is full of wonder
and between pliancy of bodies
a kiss on your forehead taste stardust
a buoyance voyage to space


Love #4; never the same

In the morning
sunlight dances on water
bow-shaped ripple colours
spreads out and fades
and we will never greet the same way


Love #3; delusory

Morning skies
I streak with poetry
lines and verses the colours of sunrise
but deep down I drown in sorrow
for night stars knows the colour of my tears


Love #2; divulge

It pains the heart
It crumbles the soul
but she kisses him alike
the cold of the night brushing the moon
no under-sheet hidings
and for once I don’t exist