What do you mean?

So,you say so It's not verble But I can see it in your eyes When we shake,your hands They grunt"go away" when you look at me,your eyes They tell me "I hate you" They burn with rage I turn to go but I can feel it I can feel you tense You wish you can…


Am Jealous

I just sat there fixed Dressed like a hooligan Good God! Yes With a heartbreaking attitude The attitude that clog my being Watching your expressionless face Smiling jealously at your beauty For sure,one thing I know Am jealous Jealous that you're happy Yaah!happy Happy without me


Loss! It comes like a strong swift wind Sad to say, But no one prepares you for a loss Even if they do the prospect is heart breaking It sways the trees The only pillar of our hope It shook us to the core Even the green leaves falls Once a tough branch,brought to the…