It comes like a strong swift wind

Sad to say,

But no one prepares you for a loss

Even if they do the prospect is heart breaking

It sways the trees

The only pillar of our hope

It shook us to the core

Even the green leaves falls

Once a tough branch,brought to the ground

From high above they once soar

But who is loss to care

Seconds! Only seconds ago

Loved one just lost his breathe

And their exit is forever

Family bread winner fired

And life turns into something farlorn

One’s success got roped somewhere

And now he’s epic failure

They realise they’ve been robed

Robed of comfort and peace

But who is loss to care

At that vantage point it watches and laughs

It watches them all count the falling times

It rejoices when they don’t count their attempts

And declares itself a winner the moment they give up

Loss! Who is loss to care.

                                (By Roy Evans)


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