Dear KAFUCO Comrades:Semester Is Over,Things Are Not Over.

I woke up today with nothing but writing this piece as the only thing in mind. Okay how should I call this? A short holiday or just some real bad break.I think you know personally how you can call it.For me I had rather call it bad break considering the love and oneness. Anyway,we won't... Continue Reading →


You Asked Why?

I asked you out You asked me why I said you were different You asked me why I said you'd your own life You still asked me why Why? Why? You kept on asking And so I said I wanted to watch the sunset with you I wanted to smile with you I wanted to... Continue Reading →


Words,words You're superfluous You're indispensable You're bitty Yeah!you're all But still you can't explain what I want I hate to say because am still using you But still you're meaningless Especially when what I write doesn't make sense Words! what's wrong with you You're always there when I don't need you And always absent when... Continue Reading →

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