Dear KAFUCO Comrades:Semester Is Over,Things Are Not Over.

I woke up today with nothing but writing this piece as the only thing in mind.

Okay how should I call this? A short holiday or just some real bad break.I think you know personally how you can call it.For me I had rather call it bad break considering the love and oneness. Anyway,we won’t shed tears now that we’ll be parting for a holiday.No!Besides we’ve missed our families and it isn’t like it is going to be forever.

For those of us who lost their loved ones together with those who went through various difficult situations,we would like to say sorry.And I say “We” because every single comrade did felt sorry and I got a message for you:

Father Patrick in his book “A Log In A Stream”,He wrote;

A log in a stream doesn’t stop the stream from flowing,it merely redirect it.When the water makes its way around the log it touches the part of the earth that would’ve never been touched had the log not been there.

All these obstacles bar our way but as they do so they touches part of our inner being,part of our hearts to impart some growth that we may never realise.

Someone once said;

After rain there’s a rainbow,after a storm there’s calm,after a night there’s a morning,and after an end there’s a new beginning.

One thing I can’t promise you my dear comrades.I just can’t promise you that that rainbow,that calm,that morning and that new beginning gonna be good.That I can’t promise.We still need to be tough to make that new beginning a reality.Let us accept and let go of the past for us to live a peaceful today and a prosperous tomorrow.

I will also like to appreciate the brotherhood shown by comrades especially when it comes to giving advice and being there for one another and doing whatever was possible.Let us continue with the same spirit.

Sincerely speaking,we’ve been together since September of 2014 and for some of us 2015,but a comeback we made this September was quite different,quite unique.For the first time I felt like I’d met a new different souls,I felt I’d met someone who turning my back at and saying a damn goodbye was difficult.I say this considering our greatest and maybe deadliest disease:TRIBALISM.The disease that once snatched us the brotherhood in the past years and still promising to do so.For the first time no one seemed to have come back alone,no one seemed to have come back as a Luo,as a Nandi,as a luhya,as a kikuyu…name all those tribal Cocoons that we thought were safe.Maybe I just don’t get it,is it that politics isn’t yet?I can’t tell but this is just something I can’t fail to appreciate,especially when what I received from a comrade was nothing but love and kindness.I just liked that peace.

Am happy that we started together and now ,after four damn good months,we’ve still been together.Again it’s good that we’re parting in one direction,that’s we’re all going back to our various home and towns and that no one is going different direction.Okay this is what I mean,no one is going to hospital,no one is really going back home broken,and if it’s so then not broken than he or she come.Why do I say this?Simple,the comradeship and the brotherhood we’ve always had.And with the fact that we always understand that we’re just different and that no one is superior than the other.And that every single individuals is always in control;that feeling alone revives.

There’s nothing paramount like brotherhood.Through brotherhood,we were able to walk along the edge of the knife safely,we were able to turn the tables and no one got a hit on the head or something,we enjoyed good times together without interference from tribalism shit,and if in any case reduced it.But with this short bad break it’s like that brotherhood is going to be at a hault.Sure,am not just going to carry my ass around and just mess with my neighbors thinking that a comrade is going to be there to save the situation.Okay it’s not like that has always been the case or even to make it sounds better,neighbors might mess up with me and still am not going to just have that chance to call upon dear comrades.To be on a safer side know how to handle every single situation.Understand,at home,your neighbors are your fellow comrades.My prayer is one;that let us go back our various homes and towns as brothers and come back still knowing we’re brothers,there be elections:there be no elections.If we can maintain that brotherhood we can go far.And maintaining it is no joke it’s a war we’ve to fight come January 2017.Think of it for a minute.

Your Difficult Time Solver: For the loners and those who just like pulling themselves to themselves during hard times,come January 2017,I think being in this places will revive you.These places work for me personally.During those times you feel you need to be with yourself find your way to one of these places;-

1.Hill of vision: place no one has ever failed to go.It’s also known as picha zone,reason being no one ever fails to take a photo here:Everyone wants it’s memory.Just watching that sunset and the horizon for yourself makes a difference.

2.The ranch slope: It just gives you another peace.The best places to watch the sunrise.

3.Jerusalem  square :Join the Christian union on their daily prayers,it going to make a difference, even if it’s not praying.

Otherwise am just some damn good guy wishing you merry Christmas and a prosperous New year 2017.