I stares at my window pane 
“Mine” maybe it’s never ours anymore 

Water trickled down the window 

In unison,water and my tears trickled down

It’s raining,showering, drizzling maybe 

I remember the funny dances in the rain

I remember the tender kisses in rain 

But then out in the rain was good but now it’s freezing and am frozen 

And again when I stare at the room 

It is empty, empty of you, your smile 

When I look at your closet, I can’t smile 

Your clothes,I see them all,none missing 

And I want to assume you didn’t go far

But why did you’ve to go on new clothes 

The ones you never wore in our lifetime 

Why go with the bus we never boarded

“Learn to do things without me” that was your voice I thought. 

Still you said,”we’ve been through alot,you must have learnt” 

Staring far beyond the window,lays a red fresh soil

In heap shrouding my treasure beneath 

Red as it’s staring at me mockingly 

The heap seems to rise, rising mockingly 

For a moment I think it’ll uncover you 

But then it rises high and falls back suddenly with a thud

To press you down hard never to wake up 

I can’t hear you cry but I feel your tears

And so I know you’re long gone.