That fear That fear that won't let me say That I love you That fear that you... You won't add,"I love you too" That fear threatens To consume;to burn down Down to ashes,to nothingness That fear drowns me That fear chokes That fear is my curse


I saw her yesterday In the shade she was resting I looked at her,such a magnificent beauty  I saw her move,startled by my gaze I had to turn and look away I could not stand looking at her eyes They made me feel as a peasant in presence of a princess A princess she was... Continue Reading →

Sitting at that dark corner Surrounded by the four walls The almost crumbling walls The rainwater dripping through the sheets Splashing to his black dirty boots Wind whistling through the cobweb-filled ventilation Paints peeling off  His gaze shifting  From one photo frame to another Photos of her,photos of them Before him,cigarette butts in ashtray Empty... Continue Reading →

Behind that window That wrecked window My heart beat commenced Suckling mum's breast Crawling about fumbling with things Blunders and I Magnet and metal No hate ,attracting always Behind that window  Everything innocent Growing up All but to a resistant A resistant to everything Strong stabbing rays The deadly cold breeze The harsh words The... Continue Reading →


Silence engulfed the ward It was forcefully commanding The ambiance followed obediently It stared at us mockingly The ticking of the clock Patient's occasional weak coughs  Others gasping for air The quietness was almost tangible Swallowing every once of her hope I sat at the edge of her bed Staring at her white teary eyes... Continue Reading →

Miss You Forever

Day and night Day by day Am all alone Where did you go Thinking alone aches my brain It's sad that I wipe my tears alone Nothing is sweet eating alone Stepping on the cat under the table Am missing the footsies I miss waking up next to you Cold pillow lays next to me... Continue Reading →

Damaged Soul

‚Äč When the falling night obliterates the light Objects depicts obscure shapes The Moon occupies it's position I stand up and stares at the sky I slowly close my eyes  Take in the the cold thick air of the night Sweet smell of the rain-washed soil I smile because I love the darkness I love... Continue Reading →

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