Because It’s Valentine

It’s fourteenth of February,

At the doorstep,

With roses on my left,

And a card on my right,

She’s wearing a smile, 

Her trace on my knuckles,

Her breast on my chest,

Her head on my shoulder,

My hand on her hair,

Warmth wash a cross my face,

My body quivers,

The card,the roses all drops,

And I feel her lips with my fingers,

My lips on her lips,

Tongues searching, 

Like hands in the dark,

We press against the table.kissing,

Nothing is tat,everything is sweet,

The cat springs off,

with a meow of protest,

The glasses drops and breaks,

Into a hundred shards,

Red wine spills all over,

White tattooed red,

With the door wide open,

We all but don’t care,

Because it’s Valentine.


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