Miss You Forever

Day and night

Day by day

Am all alone

Where did you go

Thinking alone aches my brain

It’s sad that I wipe my tears alone

Nothing is sweet eating alone

Stepping on the cat under the table

Am missing the footsies

I miss waking up next to you

Cold pillow lays next to me

Without even a single mark

The loneliness in it is so loud

And I hate but can’t stop staring at it

All  are undone,the things you use to do

You did them uniquely

From the day you left

It has never been the same

I have stopped existing

Your passionate kisses

Your lips lightly pressed against mine

Your sweet fluffy voice

Humming my favorite songs

Your delicate finger on my skin

Pleasant smell of your perfume

As our body touches

Your sweet breath

Your soothing smile

Your comforting embrace

All replaced by deep cutting words

They are backbiting us

Not out of the earshot

It hurts damn much

Tell me you’ll be coming back

Because I’ll miss you forever


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