Silence engulfed the ward

It was forcefully commanding

The ambiance followed obediently

It stared at us mockingly

The ticking of the clock

Patient’s occasional weak coughs 

Others gasping for air

The quietness was almost tangible

Swallowing every once of her hope

I sat at the edge of her bed

Staring at her white teary eyes

I slowly traced her fingers

Her skin no longer soft but wrinkled

Our throats dry and aching to talk

She slowly sat up on her bed

Giving me the_I_don’t_need_your_help stare

She wanted to do it last for herself

We leaned  and affectionately hugged

She cried slowly

Cold tears flowing down her cheeks

And dripping on my shoulder

Her soft hum echoing through the room

I opened my mouth to talk

Before I could do it, she kissed me passionately

I felt her strength drain away

And helped her back into her bed

For the first time she was alone

Staring blankly at the ceiling

Sinking deeper into non-existence

She smiled and lay still,silence

Then the wind blew in gust

Carrying with it her precious soul

The entire room was a display of destruction


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