I Saw Her Yesterday

I saw her yesterday

In the shade she was resting

I looked at her,such a magnificent beauty 

I saw her move,startled by my gaze

I had to turn and look away

I could not stand looking at her eyes

They made me feel as a peasant in presence of a princess

A princess she was indeed

She stood up and walked away

It feel good watch her walk gracefull

My heart burnt with a desire

As she disappeared

I managed to let of go my breath

That was 10 years ago

I was a kid then
I saw her yesterday

Across the street she was standing

Waiting I think,for my love I hoped

She was looking at my direction

This time a couldn’t look away

Our eyes met in the middle of the road

Her lips formed a curve 

Cool charming smile i have ever seen

My reflex acted and i found myself smiling back

That nailed it,she waved and I crossed the road

Walking to her felt like walking down the red carpet

I extended my hand,she knocked it off

And opened her arms,

And I stared at her chest

My heart beat raced

We hugged passionately

I felt that fire burning very strong 

I hated myself for playing it low

I asked for her contact

She gave me all,even her house address

That night a didnt sleep,I felt a new me

I arranged for a date she didnt disappoint

And thats when we became officially one

We were in love

That was 3 years ago 

I was a eighteen

I saw her yesterday

She walked into our room

A smile formed on her face

That made me smile

She had some good news my instincts told me

She sat on the bed gazed at me

Her eyes still burned with the same tempo

That tempo that kept us moving

“Tell me” I started the conversation

She held my face between her palms

Moved forward and let her upper lip touch mine

I held her by the nape of her neck

I placed a hot kiss on her lips

That set our nerves on fire

We were both breathless and I gave in to the weight 

I laid on the bed,she laid her body on me

Her hands outlined my facial features

“Guess what” she asked

“You love me” I replied

She chuckled, I love that

And that was yesterday

And I am twenty-one

       by Moses©2017


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