When trust is off to bed

For unremitting sleep

Betrayal rules the throne

Honesty stumbles in the dark

Thorns creeping it’s way

Loyalty sort of dyingness

And slowly love becomes frail

Shaken to the core

Her shuddered heart

no longer at solace


On her deathbed

Gasping for air

Sorrow slowly nascent

Her eyes gradually transforms

No longer gleeful

So crestfallen

The sun slothfully sets

A cross the horizon

And solemnly 

Love rests her teary eyes



She be my one and only
She disregards that

Her perfume smelt sweet

That was stench of death

She lure,cut and run

In one sword stroke 

My heart is all over love

Her Power


             He held her so tight into his chest

Lips hair’s breadth away

Her power detested his grip

Her face warmed

Her oceanic blue eyes flushed

Her heart raced

It’s beats up her throat

She stuttered a few words

Harder.More harder

She trailed off

Her power recognizing his

It moved in on to it

Slowly it gave way

Thus memories never to be obliviated

Dear Broken Heart

Dear broken heart

I lay awake here in my bed

Deeply engrossed in the thoughts of you

My pillow too drenched to absorb more tears

Sorrow rudely announcing it’s presence

Since he departed I know

You’ve whinned much

Yet the world has failed to listen

And now you grumble quietly to yourself

Still wishing someone could hear

You’re all alone

And won’t stay still

You shumble through the shadow of the past

And gone along distance from me

Wishing to recreate the moments

Still searching for the one

The one long gone

The one who broke our loyalty

The one who didn’t care about how we’d feel

Who cared less about the pain he’d cause us

And who didn’t recognize our efforts

To be in his life

Dear broken heart,don’t grief for me

The more you do the more I break and fret

Dear heart,take it easy

Come back to me.Let’s be one

For together we’ll cry

Tears will dry up

And it won’t be long before we heal

And forget.


Down the meadows
In the obscurity of long grass

We thought we’d liked it

Staring at one another

We conversed in whispers

Hands pressed to your cheeks


Cracking deep the quietness of the souls

Lips tight and rigid

Words forcefully out of our mouths

“I love you.I adore you.I…”

Filled the silence of the air

You moaned.I hushed

Then the realization warmed

We never wanted it

Henceforth we never wanted we

So we took our different ways

We painted it out and walked over it

Never to go back,never to look back

Let’s Just Be Friends

“Let’s just be friends”
Those are your words

So loud in my head

Yanking my heart

Reaping it off my chest

And crumbling it up

And now I feel lost

Lost deep in the dark

I Left Her

Then she’d her wildest dreams

To watch the sunset with me

To bury her soft hands in mine forever

Her glossy eyes

To stare at my face every passing moments

To bury her smooth oval face on my chest

All I listened to in silence

Knowing it was just a little indulgence

Just a little dalliance

A faint ironic smile touched my lips

And inwardly I laughed loud

So after I was through with her

And took what I wanted

I left her

I left her and gave her a no good goodbye

I confidently walked away

leaving her alone in a dark corner

Her tears sprawling down her checks

Eroding her tender skin

Her arms wrapped around her knees

I left her weak and hopeless in the cold

But now I dreadfully miss her

I want her back,back in my life

But how sad?

She’s long gone,gone never to come back