I Left Her

Then she’d her wildest dreams

To watch the sunset with me

To bury her soft hands in mine forever

Her glossy eyes

To stare at my face every passing moments

To bury her smooth oval face on my chest

All I listened to in silence

Knowing it was just a little indulgence

Just a little dalliance

A faint ironic smile touched my lips

And inwardly I laughed loud

So after I was through with her

And took what I wanted

I left her

I left her and gave her a no good goodbye

I confidently walked away

leaving her alone in a dark corner

Her tears sprawling down her checks

Eroding her tender skin

Her arms wrapped around her knees

I left her weak and hopeless in the cold

But now I dreadfully miss her

I want her back,back in my life

But how sad?

She’s long gone,gone never to come back


17 thoughts on “I Left Her”

  1. Well well well.. doesn’t this piece of writing give me an unexplainable amount of joy! probably cause I can relate to it!
    Serves him right! May the regret last for an eternity and beyond! ✌😏

    Liked by 1 person

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