Dear Broken Heart

Dear broken heart

I lay awake here in my bed

Deeply engrossed in the thoughts of you

My pillow too drenched to absorb more tears

Sorrow rudely announcing it’s presence

Since he departed I know

You’ve whinned much

Yet the world has failed to listen

And now you grumble quietly to yourself

Still wishing someone could hear

You’re all alone

And won’t stay still

You shumble through the shadow of the past

And gone along distance from me

Wishing to recreate the moments

Still searching for the one

The one long gone

The one who broke our loyalty

The one who didn’t care about how we’d feel

Who cared less about the pain he’d cause us

And who didn’t recognize our efforts

To be in his life

Dear broken heart,don’t grief for me

The more you do the more I break and fret

Dear heart,take it easy

Come back to me.Let’s be one

For together we’ll cry

Tears will dry up

And it won’t be long before we heal

And forget.


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