​I recall how we kissed

worries fully dismissed

under the lit street lamp

Still your grip like a cramp

Pressing me drum tight

Eyes flashed in the night

All our feelings fremd

our throats hemmed


Then the lights flickered

We stared and snickered

strong cold wind howled

the street dogs growled

the drizzling atmosphere

we groped a little longer

searching for heart beats

That was our very last


Now am sitting distressed

mind much of an agonist

Face waiting at the window

Of nothing but little airflow

moon spread over everything

a thin layer of paining sting

chest Laden with sorrow

eagerly waiting for morrow


18 thoughts on “Waiting”

  1. heartbroken
    many times before I met my future
    well worth the wait
    to touch caress
    a night under street lights
    highlighted passion
    i wish truelove
    in your direction eyes wide
    you’ll find perfection
    okay i’ve said
    what i had to say wait
    heed your heart

    ere for I forget
    you did ask to leave a reply
    well that’s one now here’s another
    R E P L Y

    Take care, and best wishes,


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