The Hustle

Am walking down this alley Around the bend a fine man Probably busy,I stare at him as he does his work So much silence between us "I want two" that is my order He does it in such a hurry , Maybe he thinks i can leave before he serves me Poor he.....struggling to make... Continue Reading →


Hold so tight my hand Don't loosen your grip Make just steps For I want you to come with me And be my love For my heart sings Sweet and lovely songs The songs of you Of your lips and curves Come with me,love! For I've curved your name On the barks of the trees... Continue Reading →

The sky Clouded Or even clear Day and night  Sun rises And sets Moon! full and glamorous or even dull it's me! at the backyard  no phone calls no thank you No sorry no visits always a lone smoking drinking and sod all alone! from birth to maybe death

They say love  Is a new beginning Love endures all It's two hearts United But what is our love? Me and you Is it a play of loyalty? One which end on the stage When the curtain finally fall Or a game we play? The one no one needs a win Or a leg at... Continue Reading →

I once thought life is a walk in the park That was back then,when papa provided everything I believe he still does so,but in a different way He never told me to go and find out for myself Now am standing here 21 years high......looking down the path I have really come far Why give... Continue Reading →

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