By the over of the roaring river She laid her fragile body No longer roughest and toughest frail On the fair sand rested her cheek Darkling eyes staring At her ghastly shadow on the waters I  sat my face by the window And hummed poems of her Of her ruffled curves and antique joy I… Continue reading She 



Glance of acceptance  From you is all I want  Murmured longings Of the heart and the soul  Are all about you  Your dimpled cheeks  I wish to lay my hands  Ooh! How sorrow winks at me  My happiness wrinkles  And so am drowning Deep in the pool of desire

Lost self

​There's one thing the world doesn't know about  you The  world doesn't know that you,you're broken I  see  you in pieces, sad and painful shards I see you, I see your imperfections The  world love you for what it sees And I,I see beyond the world's version of you I see beyond your eye lays… Continue reading Lost self


I once loved That was once............. Those days when he smile Was my best ,her Pearl white teeth A smile that illuminated my life That was then............ When my best musician was her Her words,were sweet music to my ears I would listen to her talk,my hobby,all day long I loved the musicality in her… Continue reading ONCE


a little cold cuddling  a little parched kisses  just a little dalliance  and a little shunned love  nothing more  nothing exclusive  feelings stark dead  cuteness slowly pales puzzling cold stares  our lips hard  and kisses bitter our whispers frozen echoes  the sweet voices thins out daily our caresses  painful touches to them, we're unmoved and the… Continue reading Unrequited 

Of Heart

​Am sitting in this Goddamn bed Staring at the space All my mind on Her My mind probes why her But of heart issues I got no control The moment she Cross's my mind All my joints go jelly She is a princess And I believe meant for me Her natural silky hair Her perfect… Continue reading Of Heart

Great loss

You were not hard to reach even when it was  So I trailed the dark path to find you When I stared at your face, it was like looking in the mirror  I could see myself right on your face My victory, my future, all stood there solid But when you turned your back on… Continue reading Great loss