Lost self

​There’s one thing the world doesn’t know about  you

The  world doesn’t know that you,you’re broken

I  see  you in pieces, sad and painful shards

I see you, I see your imperfections

The  world love you for what it sees

And I,I see beyond the world’s version of you

I see beyond your eye lays sea of tears

Sad, unfaithful, hurting, stinging tears

I  see your happiness enslaved underneath this sea

Your chest is sorrow rammed

I see you chasing for lime light and trying not to be you

Rage piercing your soul like a dart so inseparable from it’s weight

I see you, the real you beyond what you pretend to be

All these the world doesn’t see 

And they love you for that, that which they don’t see

And I love you for what I see, the broken you


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