Tired of his own face  a face scared with emotions  loss and hurt and regrets  his heart whispering words the mind couldn't conceive  he took a deep breath  and  unfolded his wings 


Many are times I weary sat myself  by the over of the roaring river and heartlessly wrote her letters cold and teary and sad letters but later crumbled and tore them apart  but today still sad and teary I wrote  a lovely letter and folded it into a paper boat  and in her direction I... Continue Reading →

The night is moonless still darkness won't cloak my dreams  clasped in the hand are my little dreams  with spirited soul I fight to keep tonight with nothing to moon over but a lot to look forward to Because these are my little dreams

I once wrote her name bold and italicized in my heart when her lovely smile  like a blooming rose lit up the lackluster of the days when her beauty like a sweet rising sun had nothing compared to . Sad moments came sorrow engulfed never rubbing her name it remained the predator sorrow it's prey... Continue Reading →

Lightning a flash and gone lit her bare body the grey sky opened up hard water pellets spitting on her skin how she loved and adored the pelts the water plaiting her hair in thin warm layer rounded her curves it's touch so forcible She tingled in relief 

Dear beloved  don't wipe away my tears don't stop me from crying but hold me tight to your chest and let me feel your sunny heartbeats  with your usual fluffy voice  recite our sacred lays and oaths For it'll let me help me cry

Her pickle 

When like a loose feather With her plume of iridescence  She floats and twirls Harshly torn and tethered Amidst ambivalence to the East fair man comes to the west wealthy man awaits to the north there lays her mascara  to the four winds all And to the pith her limp factual divided right between  Where... Continue Reading →


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