Tired of his own face  a face scared with emotions  loss and hurt and regrets  his heart whispering words the mind couldn’t conceive  he took a deep breath  and  unfolded his wings 

My Desire 

The moon watches us  it’s light casting unbreakable spell her eyes dark and intimate touches and awakens my desire her fragrance dark and seductive how I long to touch and taste 

My letters 

Many are times I weary sat myself  by the over of the roaring river and heartlessly wrote her letters cold and teary and sad letters but later crumbled and tore them apart  but today still sad and teary I wrote  a lovely letter and folded it into a paper boat  and in her direction I…


the dusk rolls over birds on the trees ready to roost  but in your eyes dwells love like wild creepers,  trailing and twinning my torso and slowly I fall from its weight