Memoirs #001

muffled moans stained sheets crumbled dignity a result of our love

Feelings 004

A look into your eyes Thats what calms my heart The kind of happiness i get  When i set my eyes on you That feeling of contentment I will be lying if i say….. Am myself You rock my core Shake what i am…. When you showcase those  pearly white teeth Thats more than a…

Am back

the lonely highway the scorching sun the dusty wind memoirs of the endless journey am back to the starting line to correct some of the mistakes i made to redirect my journey to collect all i need for where am now……… the way is blurred all i got is myself AM BACK.


Call her my queen The one who gives me inspiration Always there when I need her She picks me up and removes the dirt when I fall The e in my life,am incomplete without her The blood in my veins,she is me She never minds the talk,but chooses her words She never minds the walk,but…