Am losing my sanity over this girl I dont know but... I feel like giving up but it isnt coming Am too young to meet my end She knows she is the one i breath The one am living but she aint letting go.... The sculptured body A fine piece of creation Maybe the mastepiece....... Continue Reading →



I hate it how you make me Make me pretend I hate you Pretend you don't exist Yet your very existence shakes my core Girl its always about you I cant acknowledge I love you But all I know its you Love is too much a burden to bear

Feelings 004

A look into your eyes Thats what calms my heart The kind of happiness i get  When i set my eyes on you That feeling of contentment I will be lying if i say..... Am myself You rock my core Shake what i am.... When you showcase those  pearly white teeth Thats more than a... Continue Reading →

the lonely highway the scorching sun the dusty wind memoirs of the endless journey am back to the starting line to correct some of the mistakes i made to redirect my journey to collect all i need for where am now......... the way is blurred all i got is myself AM BACK.


Call her my queen The one who gives me inspiration Always there when I need her She picks me up and removes the dirt when I fall The e in my life,am incomplete without her The blood in my veins,she is me She never minds the talk,but chooses her words She never minds the walk,but... Continue Reading →


I cry in silence Behind closed doors and curtains I  cry in the dark I don't want to share my sorrows I don't want to magnify my flaws They always around to jubilate at my hard times I smile in their presence And fight the weight of that drop I do it for us..........


Travelling to this unknown destination Am getting away from this cage My abode the past nine months In this journey I dont control my destination Its bound by fate,they say In this journey I don't change my vehicle In this journey I don't see my driver I only dictate my present and watch  As the... Continue Reading →

Feelings #001

This nights I spend alone These times I feel a space in my heart I feel like loving..... But.. I got no one worth it Am afraid........ Afraid of betrayal Afraid of unknown, maybe rejection But I promise when the magnet will attract The world shall know.... Of this story at its climax

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