west monophony

down the meadow, sere Cats Tail billows in the warm wind, with drooped and anguished voices, the birds sing, season songs breaking through the rain-forest, down the thirsty brooks, where the eels flounders, the browned tree leaves rustles, while in the cloudy and unrainy sky, wanderlust scalding sun trapped.


This is us tearfully parting

This is us tearfully parting, it won't be you I dream of, it won't be you I miss again, I'll watch the sunset alone, still it will hurt my heart, but you won't be the first one, who I call first thing at dawn, or wait by my phone. already I'm missing you, yet; it hurts that it…

Grow high 

  Grow high the tree of life, leaved with love and joy life and afterlife equally matters, for in some night of cold, in some night of sorrow, your fruit will fall, all will want not to eat! all will want not to throw! but to wrap, keep and protect and in their hearts to curve,…

This is where

This is where we kissed, with the moon cheering, stars the only thing staring, where we felt our heartbeats, this is where we didn't think alone, where we carried each others heart, cuddled in the cold, to our ears, whispering sweet words, where we cried while smiling, and smiled while we cried. today! second anniversary,…

shall I compare

shall I, compare you, with the rising sun, as it flushes from east, or as it deeps to the west, though you, so glamorous and lovely won't compare.