the lonely highway the scorching sun the dusty wind memoirs of the endless journey am back to the starting line to correct some of the mistakes i made to redirect my journey to collect all i need for where am now......... the way is blurred all i got is myself AM BACK.


I have stopped 

​I have stopped doing a lot. I no longer demand, expect, assume,think or even ask if things will ever change. I have stopped and now I let it be. Sure! I have stopped doing a lot except for one thing;- I haven't stopped penning you dark and seductive letters.  Letters that I fold into paper... Continue Reading →

​I shall come back, come back to you Back and away from tearful times,  Like dew afraid of the noon,back Into times when moments were taste of your lips I shall come back to see your glossy eyes, To break this spell of sinisterness  I shall come back to you, back to the times, When... Continue Reading →

Swiftly, time elapses, Sorrow stagnant, Her heart's splattered,                               With sharp splatters, of shrinking love, and overgrowing rage,  and of pain and loss, She's sodden up, with tears she swallows, And in all that capacious sea, her pains playful swims, Deep... Continue Reading →

Out in the summer twilights two, soft, tender and warm swallowed by the palpable soft lights with you in my defensive grips and with your head over my chest  . Those are the moments I love your head waves at my heart beats spieling over and over love melodies soft hands playing away my waist... Continue Reading →

I was too young 

​I was too young,  when you brought home cupid, so bright and crimson red with you,  I was too flimsy,  to hold a heart and the chaos that weighed heavily upon it. and to bespeak of a love, though not cruel to have embraced the quest of passion, that clamorously landed us in bed of... Continue Reading →

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