There is a woman I love

There is a woman I love,
she sits by the bole,
facing north halcyon winds,
those that brings her scent of wildflowers,
when I ascents her castle,
we never say much,
her dark eyes makes beautiful her silence,

there is a woman I love,
And when the sun deeps,
I sit by her side,
casking her jewel deep into emptiness of my heart,
listening to her silent tones,
Those that she never sung,

There is a woman I love,
an enchantress of black beauty,
whose scent my slayer,
and who upon me casts tight-lipped spell,
and when I head west,
it shatters my heart,
that I can’t tell her to come with me,

There is a woman I love,
who I must leave behind,




You were the lyrics
my heartbeats played,
a lodestar,
when through asperities I navigated,
but so fleeting like a streaking star,
you left,
and now in treacherous waters,
my boat errs,


Lost poet

I’m a lost poet
floundering in drying ink,
But still with feyness of the ink,
And stiffness of quill,
yearn with words,
to curve perfect your snithy edges,
trace your tactile skin like tallow,
And inscribe how erotic thoughts,
like flashes toing and froing,
Between your bosom and thighs,
snatches me like dark talons,

I’m a lost poet,
Lost in your eyes, dabbled with tad cloud of innocence,
And shackled by your tiddy passion,

I’m a lost poet,
with rejection thrust right out of him,
Seeking purest of love,
In house of refusal,


Night cacophony

In the night cacophony,
Neath chandelier of stars,
Enfolded between his arms,
Her eyelashes flaps like twilit slacking tides,
Deep chaos of her beauty entangled,


I want a kiss

the red dress clasps
your perfect edges,
so tight,
my heart goes wild,
cherry red lips
whispers against my lips,
desire like motes
so floaty,
in summer
love’s dusty,
and I want a kiss,

Morning bliss

sapphired skies,
sunlight clasps earth,
tepid skin’s
heart amulet,
morning mind is but lucid,

Never fades

Purplish red,
like amaranth flower,
your taste on tip of tongue,
never fades