When trust is off to bed For unremitting sleep Betrayal rules the throne Honesty stumbles in the dark Thorns creeping it's way Loyalty sort of dyingness And slowly love becomes frail Shaken to the core Her shuddered heart no longer at solace Sullen-faced On her deathbed Gasping for air Sorrow slowly nascent Her eyes gradually... Continue Reading →


Dear broken heart I lay awake here in my bed Deeply engrossed in the thoughts of you My pillow too drenched to absorb more tears Sorrow rudely announcing it's presence Since he departed I know You've whinned much Yet the world has failed to listen And now you grumble quietly to yourself Still wishing someone... Continue Reading →

Down the meadows In the obscurity of long grass We thought we'd liked it Staring at one another We conversed in whispers Hands pressed to your cheeks Smooch!Smooch! Cracking deep the quietness of the souls Lips tight and rigid Words forcefully out of our mouths "I love you.I adore you.I..." Filled the silence of the... Continue Reading →

Then she'd her wildest dreams To watch the sunset with me To bury her soft hands in mine forever Her glossy eyes To stare at my face every passing moments To bury her smooth oval face on my chest All I listened to in silence Knowing it was just a little indulgence Just a little... Continue Reading →

We converse Me and the sky CLEAR and BLUE It's voice so loud in my head It tells me; Like all others it's dark at night And clear at day Again it's not the limit And it knows no limit The sky! That's where you and I need to start That's where we need not... Continue Reading →

Am here! Am the wind Rippling through your clothes Look around you Always there! Burning in the sweltering heat of love My efforts! Trying to be in your life To make you smile You, you're blind to me The blind who see all The one who won't see me Am here!

You stand fixed Hands on the trigger Staring at me Your sweet lips trembling Hands sweating My eyes urging Hands beckoning Yet you won't pull that trigger It's impact I desire Your response to its recoil I wait  For in it's destruction I want to stay That trigger! Pull that trigger


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