She be my one and only She disregards that Her perfume smelt sweet That was stench of death She lure,cut and run In one sword stroke  My heart is all over love


​You care damn much about the future,  You want to think your life span is short , You fear the possibility, the grim reality , You just fear yourself damn much,  You underestimate your ability , Maybe you just fancy the flow,  You value peace that comes with the flow,  All right my friend,  But […]


I stares at my window pane  “Mine” maybe it’s never ours anymore  Water trickled down the window  In unison,water and my tears trickled down It’s raining,showering, drizzling maybe  I remember the funny dances in the rain I remember the tender kisses in rain  But then out in the rain was good but now it’s freezing […]

You Asked Why?

I asked you out You asked me why I said you were different You asked me why I said you’d your own life You still asked me why Why? Why? You kept on asking And so I said I wanted to watch the sunset with you I wanted to smile with you I wanted to […]


Words,words You’re superfluous You’re indispensable You’re bitty Yeah!you’re all But still you can’t explain what I want I hate to say because am still using you But still you’re meaningless Especially when what I write doesn’t make sense Words! what’s wrong with you You’re always there when I don’t need you And always absent when […]

Just what I did

Today I missed something important Something that was in place To make another thing just right A trigger to an imminent danger All are shocked to the core So it’s true no one see this coming